Soon a wonderful sight will be seen in the Solar System. Actually, 4 planets are going to come in the same line. The coming of the planets in such a straight line will show a spectacular view in the sky. For astrophysicists, this situation will be nothing less than a gift. From April 17 to April 20, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter will be seen in a straight line.

These planets will start coming in a line before the sunrise of 17 April, but the most beautiful sight will be seen on 20 April 2022. On this day all of them will be together in one line. The best time to see this wonderful sight would be before the sunrise of April 20. It is also a matter of happiness that this beautiful sight of 4 planets appearing in the same line like this can be seen in India too. However, areas with less pollution will have the best opportunity to have a look at the beautiful sight. Astronomers Find Rapid, Unexpected Changes in Neptune’s Temperatures

According to astronomers, if we talk about the order of the planets, then Jupiter will be the first and first in the line from left to right at the bottom. After this there will be Venus, then Mars and then Saturn. NASA Finds Novel Ways To Track Climate Change and Groundwater Loss Across Planet

During this time, Jupiter can be most difficult to see because it will be just above the horizon and there usually decreases the light of the planets. Such a sight was earlier seen in the year 2005.

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