Crocodile Takes A Walk Down The Village Road In Karnataka's Dandeli

INDIA Team Latestly|

A huge crocodile was spotted casually strolling down the narrow roads of a village in Karnataka's Dandeli town. Several videos of the crocodile walking past houses in the Kogilabanna village have been shared widely on social media. The village is located near the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary which is home to several animals. The crocodile was believed to have strayed into the village from Kali river in Dandeli town, a 5 km distance from Kogilabanna. In the videos, the crocodile could be seen leisurely taking a walk as curious villagers followed it from a distance. It took around 45 minutes for forest officials to rescue the reptile and release it into a river nearby. The Kali river is adjacent to the village and is a habitat of the crocodile. Watch the video to know more.

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