Eid Moon Sighting in United Kingdom (UK), Live Streaming: Watch Live News Updates Here on Hilal Crescent Sighting in England, Scotland & Ireland
Eid in Moon Sighting in United Kingdom (UK), Live: Stay tuned here for the live crescent sightings in England, Scotland and Ireland | (Photo Credits: Getty)

London, June 14: Eid-al -Fitr will be celebrated in the United Kingdom - England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland - tomorrow, June 15, if the crescent moon will be sighted today. Designated religious authorities, including those appointed by the Birmingham Central Mosque, will attempt to spot the moon around the sunset. Watch Live News Updates on Eid moon sighting in UK via the embedded link beneath in the copy.

Nearly 5 percent of UK's population is comprised by Muslims, mostly of the South Asian origin. While a section of the Muslim population observed the Eid and Ramadan dates in accordance to what is maintained by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a large proportion waits for the Hilal crescent to be sighted in the heart of Europe. Meanwhile, click here for the live updates on Eid moon sighting in KSA.

Watch Live News Updates on Eid Moon Sighting in UK on British Muslim TV: Click Here

Meanwhile, catch below the live news updates on Eid moon sighting in Saudi Arabia on Makkah TV Online:

Ramzan in UK began on May 17, along with most parts of the world. According to the International Astrological Centre (IAC), the crescent of Ramadan ending is likely to viewed today in Europe and Middle East. The South Asian region, however, is predicted to spot the crescent on Friday, thereby postponing the Eid celebration in that part of the world to Saturday.