Parrot Arrested After It Warned Cocaine Dealers About Brazilian Officers Raiding the Place by Repeatedly Warning 'Mama, Police!' (Watch Video)
Parrot (Photo Credits: Pexels)

In a weird case, a parrot has been taken into custody on Monday after it interrupted a police raid. The parrot reportedly tipped off the drug dealers about the police who had come to raid in Piauí. While the police were looking out for two crack-dealing suspects, the parrot apparently called out “Mamãe, polícia!” which translates to “Mama, police!” as per reports by Brazilian police playing cited by The Washington Post. This unnamed parrot was found by the police at the home of two alleged crack cocaine dealers. The police found the parrot perched inside a small brick one-story home and according to the police, the pet bird called out Police as soon as it saw them coming to warn the drug dealers about the presence of the police in the vicinity. Brazilian police have seized a parrot that was heard warning suspected drug dealers of their approach. US: Vet Implanted Heroin in Puppies for Colombia Drug Ring.

The police officers were on a lookout the parrot’s owner one of them is identified as a woman named India who had two convictions for drug trafficking, as per reports by the Washington Post. The police searched her home and discovered crack cocaine which her 30-year-old husband, Edvan was selling. Their 16-year-old daughter was found with marijuana in her underwear. She was taken into custody but released with a warning as per reports by the Washington Post. The parrot was taken into custody by the Environmental police.

This is not the first time animals and birds have been used by drug dealers and traffickers to tip them off.  Sometimes they are also used by drug cartels as symbols of power as well. Reuters once reported in 2009 that traffickers hid drugs in crates containing venomous snakes marked “Don’t open!”