Military Plane Crashes in South Carolina Outside Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station
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According to media reports, a military airplane has crashed in South Carolina. The site of the crash is said to be just five miles outside the Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), confirmed the local authorities. It is not clear if there are any casualties in the incident. More details are awaited as this is a breaking development.

In August, a Boeing 737-800 flight of Xiamen Airlines crash-landed at Manila airport on Thursday. Although no casualties were reported, the accident was considered an emergency-situation by the airport ground staff, as a major portion of the aircraft had skidded off the surface.

According to reports, the left engine detached from the wing of the aircraft when the Boeing 737-800 crash-landed at the runway. The emergency crew of the airport ground staff had initiated the evacuation of passengers.

In May, a Boeing 737 was reported to have crashed in Cuba soon after it took off. The plane had 104 passengers on board when it crashed. The Cuban airplane crashed at the time of takeoff from Havana airport. The casualties are unknown as of now but it is confirmed that more than 100 people were on board when the crash took place.