Boeing 737 Havana Crash: Plane Carrying 104 Passengers Crashes in Cuba Soon After Takeoff
Image Used for Representational Purpose Only | Plane crash | (Photo Credits: ANI)

Cuba, May 19: A Boeing 737 is reported to have crashed in Cuba soon after it took off. The plane had 104 passengers on board when it crashed. The Cuban airplane crashed at the time of takeoff from Havana airport. The casualties are unknown as of now but it is confirmed that more than 100 people were on board when the crash took place.

A tweet sparked off the news about the plane crash.

It was then confirmed that a plane crash had taken place but the nature of the crash was still unknown.

The Associated Press has said that the airport staff has been alerted about the crash of a jet/plane but real nature and scale of the crash is yet to be known. But a fresh footage by Paul P. Murphy of CNN shows a footage of smoke rising after the plane crash:

A massive fireball was seen after the Cuba airliner had crashed immediately after takeoff at Havana's Jose Marti airport on Friday. Boeing 737 Cubana de Aviacion flight is reported to have crashed immediately after takeoff.