New Delhi [India], December 20 (ANI/TPT): Precise Conchem has recently introduced their latest concreting solution Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) for concreting in congested areas where the storage of materials is not possible.

It is a type of concrete that is mixed and prepared in a dedicated factory or batching plant following the specification of the customer away from the site and delivered using a transit vehicle.

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This is, in fact, an on-demand and ready-to-use concreting solution manufactured according to a set recipe and under a tech-controlled environment to facilitate a precise and uniform mixture. Precise's Ready Mix Concrete is a feasible option for decreasing the workload on the construction site and reducing the onsite work confusion.

The first commercial RMC plant in India was established in Pune in 1992 and, ever since, the Indian construction industry has gradually been shifting towards RMC due to its product advantages and easy availability. Unlike the traditional Site Mixed Concrete (SMC), Ready Mixed Concrete involves automation and computerized control systems producing superior quality concrete.

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Ready Mix Concrete also provides better durability due to the presence of proper process control and raw material monitoring. It is also an eco-friendly solution as it minimizes the noise and air pollution associated with the onsite concrete mixing process. On top of that, in RMC, a portion of cement can be replaced with supplementary cementitious materials like ground granulated blast furnace slag(GGBS), Fly ash, Silica fume, which are the byproducts of the industrial processes and the reasons behind solid waste pollution.

Talking about their new product launch, Founder Director Bhagwan Bhai Movalia says, "For a long time RMC was neglected by the construction industry owing to the false assumption of cost prohibition and easy availability of cheap labour. While 70% of cement produced in a developed country like Japan is used by the domestic Ready Mix concrete businesses, RMC in India is still in its infancy. However, over the past two decades, the industry is gradually recognizing the advantages of RMC for both construction and the environment. Our RMC product follows the same line of precision, durability and sustainability making it significantly superior to the onsite mixed concrete."

Established in 2005, Precise Conchem is a Mumbai-based ISO certified building construction solution provider. Adopting innovative techniques, they seek to develop high-quality building material and their newly-launched Ready Mix Concert is a step towards meeting the needs of the modern construction industry.

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