Filmmaker David Blue Garcia seems to be well aware of the weight of expectations placed upon him and his new film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which debuted on Netflix, on Friday. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a direct sequel to the original 1974 film, with Garcia cutting his own path in the world of horror and leaving gallons upon gallons of the red stuff in his wake. Hustle Teaser: Adam Sandler and LeBron James’ Netflix Sports Drama Explores the Story of a NBA Scout and His Motivation Towards His Basketball Team (Watch Video).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Garcia admitted that despite having seen all the 'Texas Chainsaw' films at one point or another, he doesn't have an encyclopedic knowledge of the franchise. But it's that first film, Tobe Hooper's 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre' (1974) that really captured his imagination and set the tone of what he wanted to achieve with 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. As a boy growing up in Texas, Hooper's film of made its way into his life at an early age. Stranger Things Season 4 To Release in Two Volumes, Season Five To Be the Finale of the Netflix Show (View Pic).

"My first encounter with the movie was on cable. I was probably 12, 13 years old and as soon as Leatherface showed up I got really freaked out and turned the TV off. I didn't know what I was watching," Garcia told the outlet. Garcia managed to muster the courage to turn the television back on and the film carved an impression on him. That impression only grew as he became more invested in the film world, learning that not only was The Texas Chain Saw Massacre the stuff of Texas film legend but was also a respected work championed by auteurs like Stanley Kubrick and Ridley Scott.

Hooper hadn't simply made a film, but an experience, one that is still capturing new generations of fans and filmmakers all these years later. In many ways, this is 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation', y'know if that title hadn't already been used for the 1995 Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger staring sequel that left the franchise drying out on a meat hook for eight years. There is a cycle of violence at play Texas Chainsaw Massacre, one that ties Hooper's film to Garcia's together. Leatherface (Mark Burnham), who hasn't lost a step in fifty years, exists as an almost supernatural manifestation of America's inability to confront its own violence, and the chain of events leading to it. Despite those apparent themes, Garcia insists that's not the case.

"It's not an agenda film. Some people will take criticism with this and say the film is anti-gun, but the film doesn't take any kind of stance on things. But the characters are of our world and they have perspectives that make sense for someone of their generation," said Garcia. As for the previous generation? The original final girl, Sally Hardesty is back, with Olwen Fouere stepping in for Marilyn Burns, who passed away in 2014. Sally, now a local sheriff who has waited fifty years to take her revenge on Leatherface, has no compunctions about bearing arms once the trail of body parts start.

So, is this confrontation between Sally and Leatherface after 50 years the endpoint for the Texas Chainsaw franchise? Not if Garcia has his say. "I've actually brainstormed quite a bit about what would happen in a continuation of this story, or just another tale in this world. I have some really cool ideas that I'd love to have the opportunity to pitch if Legendary wants to make another one," said Garcia.

He added, "There're also things when I watched this movie that I look back on and I wish I had done, so I've got those in my back pocket if I get to do another one. And of course, there's that teaser at the end of the film, so there's definitely a future to explore." As per The Hollywood Reporter, given all the twists and turns the franchise has been through this far, it feels like a safe bet that the massacre will continue, leaving everyone to ask, once again, "who will survive and what will be left of them?"

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