New Delhi, March 20: IndiGo on Saturday handed over a passenger from its Bengaluru-Kolkata flight to security agencies at the destination airport for not wearing a mask despite repeated warnings from the flight crew, government officials said.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had last Saturday asked airlines to de-board passengers who do not wear masks "properly" despite repeated warnings.

The passenger on IndiGo's 6E938 Bengaluru-Kolkata flight on Saturday refused to wear a mask despite repeated warnings from the flight crew, the officials noted. The passenger was handed over to the security agencies at the Kolkata airport, they added. Drunk US Man on Board Alaska Airlines Flight Refuses To Wear Face Mask, Urinates on Flight Seat; Faces 20-Year Jail Term.

Earlier this week, AirAsia India offloaded two passengers from its Goa-Mumbai flight and IndiGo handed over two flyers to security officials for not following the COVID-19 rules.

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