New Delhi, Jun 25 (PTI) The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has increased by up to Rs 9,800 the annual fee for grant and renewal of various trades licences for 2022-23, including those for hotels and guesthouses, officials said on Saturday.

The maximum hike in the licence fee is for five-star hotels, which were earlier paying Rs 65,500 and will now be required to pay Rs 75,300. Similarly, guesthouses with over 100 beds will have to shell out Rs 30,100 annually instead of the earlier Rs 26,200, they said.

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The annual licence fee for butchers, fishmongers and poulters has been increased from Rs 1,300 to Rs 1,500.

The fee for guesthouses up to 20 beds has been increased to Rs 3,000 from Rs 2,600; Rs 7,500 instead of Rs 6,500 for those with 21-50 beds; Rs 15,000 instead of Rs 13,100 for 50-100 bedded facilities; and Rs 30,100 instead of 26,200 for those with over 100 beds, officials said.

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While cafes and coffee shops with up to 50 seats will be required to pay Rs 7,500 instead of Rs 6500, restaurants and coffee shops with more than 50 seats will be required to pay Rs 15,000 which was previously Rs 13,100.

Cinema halls, dancing halls in hotels, clubs and spas will have to pay Rs 7,500 instead of Rs 6,500.

"Annual revision in the health licence fees for grant and renewal of various trades licenses for carrying out business activities like hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, lodging houses, sweet shops, small stalls and kiosks selling daily eatable items, etc., in NDMC area has been (retrospectively) effected by NDMC with effect from April 1," a senior NDMC official said.

There will not be any increase for laundry services, boilers, diesel generator sets, hawkers, chef carts, dry cleaners etc., the official added.

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