New Delhi, July 16: The aquatics gallery in Gujarat Science City is one of the top aquariums not only in the country but also in Asia, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. PM Modi on Friday inaugurated the Aquatics and Robotics Gallery and Nature Park in Gujarat Science City via video conferencing.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said, "Science City project is a mix of recreation and creativity. The aquatics gallery is even more interesting. The sight of marine biodiversity from all over the world in one place is a wonderful experience in itself. It is one of the top aquariums not only in the country but also in Asia."

"Interaction with robots in Robotics Gallery is not only the centre of attraction, but it will also inspire our youth to work in the field of Robotics, which will create curiosity in the child's mind," added Prime Minister Modi. PM Narendra Modi Says Trend of Rising COVID-19 Cases in Maharashtra, Kerala Cause of Concern.

Nature Park includes several picturesque features like a Mist Garden, Chess Garden, Selfie Points, Sculpture Park and an outdoor maze. It also includes interesting labyrinths designed for children. The park also contains various sculptures of extinct animals such as Mammoth, Terror Bird, Saber Tooth Lion ramong others eplete with scientific information.

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