Coronavirus Pandemic: 5 Simple Tips For Taking Care of Your Car During Lockdown
Vehicle Safety Tips During Coronavirus Lockdown (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The country is currently facing a complete lockdown situation to battle the novel Coronavirus Pandemic. The entire world has been impacted by the deadly and we are confined to stay indoors to remain quarantine, as this is the only measure we can take to contain the virus from spreading. As we stay indoors, the hibernation state is likely to impact your car or bike as it would not be used because of the 21-day lockdown period. We have compiled a list of five simple steps for taking care of your four-wheeler or two-wheeler during the lockdown. Supreme Court’s Verdict on BS4 Deadline Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Brings Marginal Relief to Auto Industry.

Here are 5 easy steps and tips for taking care of your locked car during these unprecedented times:

1. Starting Vehicle Once in 3 Days: Make sure you start your vehicle once in three days. This simple tip will stop the vehicle battery from dying. It is also advised that you can disconnect the battery if the vehicle is not in use for a longer period. This simple step will refrain the battery from discharging while staying idle.

2. No Hand Brakes: Engaging the hand brake while parking the vehicle for a long period is not recommended. This could result in jammed handbrake. So, it is advised to keep the vehicle in gear while parking. Also, you can use wheel chocks such as wooden piece, big stone or brick. This simple trick will avoid the vehicle from rolling.

3. Proper Parking Space: As the vehicle will remain in an idle position for a long duration, it is advised that it should be parked in an indoor location. If such parking is not available, then you should keep the vehicle covered by using a proper cover, which will keep it safe from bird droppings or excessive sunlight. If the vehicle is parked in the same position for over a week, then it is highly recommended to change the position, if possible.

4. Cleaning Interior Before Parking: Sanitisation is the key here. Thorough cleaning of the interior is highly recommended while parking your vehicle during the lockdown. Leaving any kind of junk items or food inside the car, which might drag rodents. You can also run the air conditioner with blower being turned on as this will help in removing any dust or foreign particles, that needs to be cleaned.

5. Checking Tyre Pressure: If the vehicle is parked in the same location or position for a long time, it is recommended that you should move the vehicle forward and backwards for avoiding flat spots on tyres. It is also advised to keep a track of the tyre pressure for keeping the tyres properly inflated. If the vehicle is kept idle for a long time, the tyres could lose air pressure and keeping them inflated help prevent cracking of the sidewalls and flat spots.