Question 1: How did you two meet when did you guys know you wanted to go into business together? 

We met on business together in Doha. I was in Doha on business and my client at the time was a good friend of L’Omari’s. After enjoying each other’s company, we definitely had great understanding about each other and through our synergies, so to speak, a friendship was born. 

Question 2: What is it about art and music that make you passionate enough to form your own music label? 

We are both equally passionate about art and music because it is in our DNA. Since growing up, we have both constantly listened to the rhythmic teams of hip-hop and rap music. We have had passion instilled in us. We both believe that passion and music are synonymous. 

Question 3: Why do you think art and culture needs to be a significant part of the discussion of music? 

Our culture needs to be a significant part of the discussion in music because the foundation of music is rooted in the various aspects of our personal experiences. We strongly believe that one’s culture can have a leaking influence into the sound in the style and the ideology of music. 

Question: 4: What determative factor in your past has had the most effect on the things you find to be important today? 

As stated before, I think we both can agree that our personal experiences and our unique upbringings have had a great impact on the values that we hold dear, like art, like, culture, like music. And it’s not just that those things are important, but the message we are trying to convey through our support of art and music is also very important, as we want to make sure that youth feel empowered by our craft, and not insecure or self-doubting. 

Question 5: Is there anyone you are looking to collaborate with and if so, why? 

You know, we are really just excited to be getting ourselves out here, and of course, there are a host of artists and performers that we definitely intend to eventually reach out to in order to promote a collaboration, but at this time, we are definitely focused on just getting good footing on our current endeavors, initiatives and our craft. 

Question 6: It is clear that you both are philanthropist at heart. Why does charity mean so much to you in this day and age? 

We both came from very humble beginnings and without the guidance and the respect and the foundation and our families have instilled in us, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We want to be an inspiration to those who may not be as fortunate as us to have families and support systems. We are motivated to encourage everybody to have an equal stand and access to our music. 

Question 7: What kind of community projects do you hope to sow into through your investment initiatives? 

We hope to continue to develop centres for children to have access to resources similar to a boys and girls club of America, but for the arts. We hope to be able to create an active platform for creatives to further develop and showcase their skills. We also want to use the situation that we are currently in COVID-19 to further allow developments in technology to help society, food production and sustainability for those who may be disenfranchised. 

Question 8: When people look at you and your work, what is the most important thing that you want them to see? 

Confidence. Love. Peace. Creativity. Something dope that they want to share with their friends. We also want youth, and everyone who supports us, to recognize our desire to uplift others and inspire others to be themselves and follow their dreams.


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