Cut the check and make it out to Rock Sage. Introducing an entrepreneur, entertainment figure, and celebrity music business professional. Labelled as a pillar in entertainment on Medium magazine, it is evident that his passion and “power moves” are power fused. “I started from zero,” he stated as he spoke about his come up. 

In any position, the entertainment industry is one of the hardest fields to master, yet Rock Sage makes it look easy. It is safe to say he was made for the obstacles and trials the average person would run from. He beat statistics and, in fact, made it to the top. Featured on Influencive, a top platform for influential people, he is described as the top in the industry.

“One of the most difficult things I’ve experienced as a music manager is having faith that my artist had faith in me,” he explains. 

In addition to his strong involvement in the entertainment industry, he is the founder and CEO of Power House Security, a high demand, high profile security company. This past week, Rock and his right hand bodyguard, Krik, were seen on Netflix’s Bling Empire. As the top security company in Los Angeles, he takes pride in his empire he has built. 

“I work with A-list celebrities,” Rock shares. “This includes major Middle Eastern artists, American artists and actors, and events overseas, including Arab Idol tours.”

Appreciative of the opportunity to be interviewed, he is proud to give us a glimpse of his world. From his bold image to his #cutthecheck and #powermoves slogans, we can confidently state that he is a figure that cannot be duplicated.

To stay in tune with him: @rocksage | Recognize Power House Security @officialpowerhousesecurity