Akshay Bardpaurkar wears many hats; that of a distinguished producer, a politician as well as a philanthropist who strives to make a difference in his  various capacities. Bardapurkar is also the proud founder of the respectable digital platform 'Planet Marathi'. He brings his A game to the table when it comes to creation as well as the much-needed curation of content. In this part of the unique series that has been tracking the man's achievements and the relentless work he does, we focus on the credibility of platforms the digital domain avails.

Talking about the availability of content and perhaps the degradation one sees in terms of dilution or a lack of authenticity Akshay says, " There's so much content available now on so many platforms for one to consume. I have given up reading the newspapers six years ago. And even in the digital the same piece of information or news can be covered in different ways  and the perspectives too differ coupled with the varied perception. Content is King, for sure, but if one doesn't give content that is unique then it becomes stale and redundant."Akshay Bardapurkar: Marathi Cinema Can Scale Greater Heights With Better Packaging!


In this conversation Akshay also maintains that he is not interested in the regular run off the mill content and that's what makes 'Planet Marathi' stand out! " That brings me to a unique segment, to quote as an example, we kicked off on 'Planet Marathi' where we select star of the week where we hunt local stars and local talents who can generate equal amount of interest and curiosity and then could possibly create rich content."

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