News of Rishi Kapoor Diagnosed With Cancer is Doing Rounds; Kapoor Family is Yet to Confirm
Rishi Kapoor (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Social media is a boon and a bane at the same time! Fake stories or wrong reports don't take much of a time to travel in this so-called virtual world and many celebrities have fallen prey to such unwanted gossips. Is Rishi Kapoor the latest name to join the same list? We think so. The 102 Not Out actor who recently flew to the US for his treatment is apparently diagnosed with cancer. Yes, as per a report by Bollywood Bubble, the actor is suffering from cancer and a source close to the Kapoor family has divulged some details about it to them. Rishi Kapoor Leaves for USA for Medical Treatment, Urges Fans to Not Worry.

The source close to the website revealed how Ranbir will return to India to start shooting for his films and sister Riddhima will then fly to the US to be with her family. "Flown to the US for treatment. The doctors have called him in for a 45-day treatment that includes chemotherapy sessions too. Rishi along with Neetu, Ranbir are currently staying there and now Ranbir will have to come back to begin shooting for his films. Which is when Ridhima Kapoor Sahni will be travelling to be with mom and dad. It’s a trying time for the veteran actor,” the source was quoted saying.

It further said, "Shooting of Rishi’s film with Juhi Chawla is completely stalled. The producers, Sony don’t want to continue with a replacement. They have put the movie on hold. He’s going to be treated a little differently because he always had a back problem. The doctors are also taking that into consideration. It’s not known which cancer he is suffering from yet.” Ranbir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor Go Missing During Krishna Raj Kapoo's Last Rites -Here's Why.

Neither Rishi Kapoor nor Ranbir Kapoor or Neetu Singh were present at Krishna Raj Kapoor's funeral ceremony that took place on Monday. We don't want to believe these reports but their absence from such an important event is making us think otherwise. However, since the Kapoor family is yet to make an official announcement, we would wait before making any further statements.