Ranveer Singh Proclaims Himself As the Best Boyfriend Ever, Says It’s Time to Be the Best Husband
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone (Photo Credits: File Image)

Ranveer Singh was a great boyfriend and he's not modest to deny it. While girls keep gushing about the way he showered affection on his then girlfriend and now wife, he's aware of his 'giving' nature. The actor knew Deepika was the one he would marry within first six months of their relationship. From six months to six-years, he has tried to nurture their relationship in a way that would have a happy ending. He patiently waited for his bride to make up her mind, while he was ready to settle down since the past three years. Yes, he's the Husband of the Millenium and he's trying hard for everyone to agree with him. Hot Lag Raha Hai - THIS Is How Deepika Padukone Reacted To Hubby Ranveer Singh's Simmba Trailer!

In his recent interaction with Filmfare magazine, Ranveer revealed his goal is to be the best husband and he's working hard towards it. When asked if he believes that he'll be a good husband, he said, "Husband of the millennium! I've always said I am the best boyfriend ever. Now it's time to be the best husband. When asked to elaborate on his 'giving' side in a relationship, he said, "Yes I have. I'm a giver in a relationship. I'm happy to do that as thatís being true to who I am. We're different people and itís great that weíre so compatible. She finds something in me that is not in her. I find something in her that's not in me. We have different sensibilities, different aesthetics, different tastes, but similar interests and core values. We complete each other." The guy sure knows how to set a benchmark when it comes to giving some relationship goals. Deepika Padukone Was Enjoying Her Bachelorette in Disneyland When Her Video With Ranveer Singh Went Viral.


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Ask him to describe how his married life would be and he said, "I believe it's going to be a blast. We're going to be living together officially. I've been wanting to shift gear into becoming a family man for a while now. Over time, my friend circle has become smaller and smaller. There are few people, who I want to spend time with. From 18 to 28 I wasn't connected with my family so much. Now, I want to spend more time with them. I want to go on family holidays, I want to come back home to my family. Deepika is also a family-oriented person. That's another thing I love about her." Well, such sweet words can be harmful to our partners for our expectations currently are touching the sky.