Marvel Head Reveals Why Avengers Villain Thanos Did Not Just Kill ALL the Superheroes in Infinity War

We are, hopefully, days away from the release of the first trailer of the 2019 blockbuster (we know it will be a blockbuster!) Avengers 4. The new footage is expected to drop by November end. And with that, we will finally have a hint as to how the superheroes who survived Avengers: Infinity War will defeat supervillain Thanos. Sorry to remind you of the tragedy, but at the end of the previous film, Thanos killed half of the universe's population including many superheroes disintegrated. Well, that's just stupid that he would only kill half the superheroes and not all. Right? Wrong! The correct answer has now been provided by Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, Ryan Meinerding.

When asked about the reason why Thanos didn't kill all superheroes, he didn't quite make a revelation but what he said did make a lot of sense. Talking to, Ryan said, "The plan of getting all the Infinity Stones is putting [Thanos] in the position of being so powerful that he is sort of calmer, more single-minded, and more reasonable,"

He further added, "He is not necessarily worried about killing the heroes. As long as he ends up with the stones, he can accomplish what he wants to." Avengers 4 Could Be The Longest Marvel Film With 3 Hours Runtime, Confirms Director.

Marvel is yet to reveal even the title of the upcoming Avengers 4, let alone any other detail. Popular theories include one about time travel. Apparently, the remaining superheroes will travel back in time to the battle of New York from the first Avengers film and stop Thanos then and there. That does sound interesting but convenient. Let us see how MCU pulls this one off.