Spies in Disguise Trailer: Tom Holland Turns a Cool Will Smith Into a Pigeon in This Hilarious Animated Spy Flick - Watch Video
Spies in Disguise Trailer (photo credits: 20th Century Fox)

We have already seen how cool Will Smith is as a secret agent, if you have been a fan of the Men in Black series. Guess what, even as an animated avatar, Mr Smith has not lost an iota of his natural cool. That is, until he is turned into a pigeon! Well, that's the theme of the new animated flick, Spies in Disguise, produced by 20th Century Fox, and directed by debutantes Nick Bruno and Troy Quane. And the culprit for this transformation is none other than our very own Spider-Man, Tom Holland!  Spider-Man: Far From Home Filming Wrapped; Tom Holland Drops The First Look Of The New Spidey-Suit - View Pic.

We have the first trailer of Spies in Disguise, that begins with showing off the suaveness of the spy, Agent Lance Sterling, who is referred to as 'the world's most awesome spy'. The initial scenes of the promo are dedicated to showing off how coolly he takes care of villains with the help of James Bond-like gadgets. Until one day, he is inexplicably turned into a pigeon by a teen, with a scientific temperament, voiced by Tom Holland, leading to some hilarious consequences, including a female pigeon cosying upto Sterling in his bird form. Aladdin Teaser Trailer Video Out: Mena Massoud Makes an Appearance in Disney’s Live Action, but Where’s Will Smith and Naomi Scott?

Watch the Trailer of Spies in Disguise Here -

The movie also stars Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan, DJ Khaled, Ben Mendelsohn, and Masi Oka. Spies in Disguise in scheduled to release on September 13, 2019.