The New Bumblebee Teaser Offers New But Old-School Looks Of Transformers Optimus Prime And Soundwave! Watch Video
Bumblebee teaser trailer. Picture Courtesy: Twitter

Everybody's favourite Transformer, Bumblebee's spin-off is finally here and the teaser looks every bit promising of the old era when it all began. To stay true to the time during which the Transformers first came into existence (as per Transformers universe), the makers have ensured to keep the theme of the new Bumblebee spin-off in the 1980s. As per the teaser released by Paramount India's official Twitter page, the footage has Bumblebee (duh!), Optimus Prime and Soundwave look exactly like how they did in the cartoons that were released before the film came out.

In the video, Optimus Prime can be seen as a hologram with Peter Cullen's voice telling Bumblebee of the conflicts of the Cybertronian and its effects on Earth and its people. He is heard saying, "must protect Earth and its people," to Bumblebee, who looks rather perplexed. Soundwave also takes a second of screen space where he pops a Decepticon out of his chest. Along with the teaser, Paramount also announced that the trailer will be released on September 24. Check out the teaser below. Bumblebee Teaser Trailer: Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena Star in 'Transformers' Spinoff Made By 'Kubo and the Two Strings' Director

Introduced as the Reagan Years to us, back in the 90s when the franchise was first released, the robotic aliens have the ability to turn themselves into everyday vehicles and sometimes every metal dinosaurs! The spin-off film is directed by Travis Knight, a Laika Studios alum, which follows the life of Charlie Watson (played by Hailey Steinfeld), a young woman who is baffled to see her basic yellow Volkswagon Beetle turn into a space alien known as an Autobot. Just like Herbie, Charlie and 'Bee also become friends, only to realise that a secret government agency, headed by John Cena's Agent Burns, are looking for the Autobot.

The movie also stars Justin Theroux and Angela Bassett who voice the characters, Dropkick and Shatter. The film is set to release in December and will be clashing with DC Comics' Aquaman, which stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard.