BTS Agency HYBE Corporation, the entertainment giant behind global stars like BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT, has recently issued a statement outlining their ongoing legal efforts to tackle malicious activities aimed at their artists. The company reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to defending its talents from defamation, privacy invasions, and other harmful behaviours perpetrated by nefarious individuals. In their detailed announcement, HYBE shed light on the progress of several lawsuits launched in response to defamatory statements, false rumours, and privacy violations that have recently plagued their artists. North Korea Executes 22-Year-Old Man for Listening to K-Pop Songs and Watching South Korean Films: Report.

This effort is part of a comprehensive approach by HYBE to protect the well-being and reputations of its stars in an age where online harassment and cyberbullying are all too common.

HYBE's Post About Chart Manipulation and Unethical Marketing

HYBE disclosed that they have identified several individuals responsible for spreading false and damaging information about their artists, and these individuals are now facing legal consequences for their actions. The company has been working closely with legal experts and cybercrime units to ensure that those responsible are held accountable. The statement included a firm reiteration of the company’s stance: “We have filed several complaints with the investigative agency and want to clarify once again that there is no connection between BIGHIT MUSIC and BTS and Body & Brain.” Additionally, HYBE made a strong declaration against the unfounded rumours of secretive chart manipulation and unethical marketing.  'Next BTS!' South Korean Government’s Search for K-Pop Sensation Sparks Controversy Amid Military Absence.

BIGHIT Music Post

BIGHIT Music Post (Photo Credits: Weverse)

HYBE’s decisive legal actions and transparent communication highlight their commitment to fostering a safe and respectful environment for their artists. As they tackle these challenges, their dedication to protecting their talent from malicious attacks remains steadfast. In addition to pursuing legal remedies, HYBE has significantly bolstered their cybersecurity measures to better detect and counteract harmful online activities. The company has assembled a specialised task force of cybersecurity experts and legal professionals to monitor and address emerging threats in real time. This proactive approach underscores HYBE’s resolve to not only defend their artists through legal channels but also strengthen their digital security framework to prevent future incidents.

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