It's always feels nice to see women in supreme command of their characters in movies and shows. It's so rare that whenever they come around, you feel an instant rush. Korean dramas do make a lot of their female lead characters extremely powerful and effectual. When it's 'women-centric', they don't shy away from showing them good, bad and ugly. That's what makes these character a lot believable. But what stands out is the way they make you feel. There's always a resolve, a desire, a goal that these characters set for themselves. Recently, the instances of strong-willed and powerful women lead characters in ongoing dramas are more. They are simply badass. The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil: South Korean Film Starring Ma Dong-seok aka Don Lee To Get Hollywood Remake.

Now, badass doesn't only mean she will be kicking ass. It's more than one-dimensional understanding of the word. The basic definition of badass is someone who is tough and intimidating. These five women are just that!

Oh Yeon Seo in Cafe Minamdang

Oh Yeon Seo is out to expose the fraud Shaman played by Seo In-guk. She is seen beating culprits black and blue which leave not just the Shaman in love with her but us too.

Seo Ye-ji in Eve

We never had any doubts that Seo Ye-ji is an amazing actress. Her roles are so tough and strong that it's infectious. Here she plays a revenge seeking socialite and is doing a swell job at all the mind games. Yes, it's damaging but the moment she enters the screen, she engulfs it with her aura. The energy is simply mind-blowing.

Seo Hyun-jin in Why Her?

Seo Hyun-jin is the sass queen in the Why Her? that we all should be. She keeps it short but so savage that the person will definitely feel the heat. Sometimes words are enough to leave someone devastatingly wounded and Seo Hyun jin's character does that beautifully.

Suzy in Anna

Anna is a quite polite, genial and restrained character but Suzy pulls off a great act by making it highly potent. We are waiting for this character to show more shades as the trailer promises. Bae Suzy in My Love From Another Star, Kim Jun-ho in Twenty Five Twenty One - 5 Celeb KDrama Cameos Who Exist to Make The Leads Jealous!.

Jung So Min in Alchemy Of Souls

Jung So Min has this really cute personality that makes her instantly likeable. She is an unwilling warrior here as the soul of one possesses her. The scenes are both cute and fierce. It reminds us a bit about Oh My Ghost where a timid Park Bo Young is possessed by the ghost of Kim Seul Gi.

These women in Korean dramas giving us major inspo about being sharp, confident and wicked!

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