The first day finally comes to an end and must say it was a fun and dramatic one. But we also sense new bondings already forming inside the house. Now, we await for Day 2.

Every men in the house participate and agrees to all things said by Ameesha Patel in the task. One of the example can be of Abu Malik who goes shirtless and sings inside the pool. But Patel had to make a decision and it's Riaz who gets a black heart by the babe. Well, unfair or a right decision by Ameesha, we wonder? 

Ameesha is back in the house and all we can expect is a task again! This time she introduces a game called 'maalkin chahti hai'. The task involves the girls having an upperhand. The first bakra chosen by the babes is Asim who gets lipstick marks on his body where Koena writes that the little boy is a bit short tempered. That's basically the impression Riaz had on the girls for the first time he met them. But the interesting part of the game is that the male contestant with the least participation will get maalkin Ameesha's black heart. 

Looks like the time has come and two dashing lads inside the house are up for a WWF battle. Well, not literally!! It so happens that Asim sings a song and expresses that it represents Jammu and Kashmir to the T. That's the moment when Paras gets pissed and feels that the model is bringing J&K with an aim to to garner popularity and votes. And then the two men fight till one finally shuts the f**k up.  

Arti Singh and Paras Chhabra are on the couch discussing about model Asim Riaz. While Arti is sure that Riaz is just excited to be on the show and that's the reason he is super hyper at times, but Paras feels that the 'jawline' blessed guy is fake. hehehe!!!

The punjabi girl in the Bigg Boss house, Shahnez Gill sings a song for the housemates. Not just this, she also elaborates how her song hints at lads like Sidharth Shukla who just want flings with babes. Oops, looks like Gill is here to grill ha!!

Ameesha gives a task to all the inmates where they need to earn the ration with a twist. So, the task is that the contestants need to pick/collect up many food items one by one, not by their handd, but with their mouths. Fun Indeed!

This year Bigg Boss has introduced another new concept which will see Bollywood babe Ameesha Patel as the maalkin of the house. She will be making 'any time' entry inside the house and will assign tasks to the inmates. And here she arrives looking all sexy inside the ghar. She also spills an information that this year there will be a 'bathroom ki rani' each week. It means that one girl contestant will have access to a bathroom and and will be the owner of the same. Interesting ha!

It's the first day for the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house and looks like things are getting ugly already. As a few inmates get into a misunderstanding and feel that model Asim Riaz is a wannabe and wants attention all the time. But things clam down after a while and we hope things go this way only. 

The reality show starts with contestants from the premiere night hanging around with each other. But it is Shahnez Gill Kaur who takes the limelight while talking about Paras Chhabra and how she wants to stay away from him. The reason Gill wants to do the same is because Chhabra is a Splitsvilla 5 winner. 

The most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 13 is here! Just like every year celebrities from different walks of life are locked inside the house for 100 days. Having said that, the USP of this season is that the show will only see celebs and there will be no commoners. Also, the battle for the trophy is not as easy as it sounds, as every week one of the weakest link from the house will get eliminate based on the votes from the juntaThrowback: Bigg Boss 13 Host Salman Khan and Rashami Desai’s Chemistry in This 8-Years Old AD Is so Cute (Watch Video).

Another interesting part about the latest season is the line up of celebs. Looks like the makers want the reality show to be a hit this year and so they've complied a fabulous list of contestants this time. The list of celebs includes hunk Siddharth Shukla, writer Siddhartha Dey, model Asim Riaz, singer Abu Malik, actor Paras Chabbra, singer Shehnaaz Gill, TV bahu Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Koena Mitra, Rashami Desai, Arti Singh, Dalljiet Kaur, Mahira Sharma and news anchor Shefali Bagga. Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan's Chalet Is All About Him and His Nephew Ahil (Watch Video).