Dus Ka Dum 3 Written Episode Update, August 11, 2018: Salman Khan And Maniesh Paul Take a Dig at Mika Singh Over His 'Kiss Controversy'
Picture Credit: Sony TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Dus Ka Dum 3 is a laughter riot what with Maniesh Paul and Mika Singh coming together with the king of satire Salman Khan. Maniesh brings in a guide to Dus Ka Dum and Salman reveals it to be just a book full of blank pages.

Mika walks in with two bodyguards, and Maniesh tries touching their biceps. They leave a threat note for Maniesh asking maniesh to lose the game to Mika. Mika talks about his own charity called Divine Touch where he promotes girl education.

Maniesh says he is associated with Happy Homes where they take care of blind. Maniesh says that one of his uncles dances the nagin dance to any song or even any sound for that matter.

Maniesh then teaches Mika and Salman the nagin dance. Salman returns the favour with the pathang dance. They go on to the jingaat dance and also the drunk dance. Maniesh wins the first question, and the two bodyguards carry Maniesh away, and we hear some painful cries before Maniesh returns.

Mika warns him to lose the next. Salman reveals that he has bribed his brother to keep a secret. The next question prompts a discussion and riot of laughter. The question is about getting confronted by police for PDA.

Maniesh then goes on to ask a visibly shaken Mika about his opinion. Mika tries his best to avoid the implications, but Salman adds fuel to the fire by asking "when Rakhi is" pun-not intended.

Maniesh goes on to dilute the moment by speaking about his love story and that his wife is his childhood sweetheart. Mika claims that he is following Salman and will marry when he does.

Mika goes on to perform for the audience on a medley of songs. Mika launches his new song Sathiya with Akira and Nawaz his co-performers. Mika is at the receiving end again when the question is about wearing goggles even at night. Salman asks him if it so he can stare on without getting caught.

Next Maniesh goes to imitate Anil Kapoor, but Salman does not give in at all as Maniesh is left weary. Maniesh tries his luck with Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt, but Salman calls him Mr Bean. Salman then goes on to imitate Sanjay Dutt himself and also Anil Kapoor.

Maniesh gathers courage and takes over Salman and imitates him but Salman says he is imitating Amjadh Khan. Maniesh confesses to having learnt to play a musical instrument to woo a girl. Mika wins the knock out round and passes on to the super sawaal.

Some of the Indian Idol participants perform on the platform. Salman is seen visibly impressed by the performance as he is seen humming away even post the performance. Maniesh cannot stop the host in him and announces the break, Salman calls for the bodyguards to carry him away.

Maniesh is later brought back all tied up and gagged as Salman warns him not to interfere. Maniesh being Maniesh cannot help but talk. Mika plays the Super sawaal.