We all now agree that Korean dramas and movies go all out when it comes to experimenting with content. From talking about breast cancer in men in  Jealousy Incarnate to an unassuming Taxi driver getting sucked into the Gwangjo Uprising in A Taxi Driver, there is no dearth of concept, stories and depth in them. But it would be wrong to assume that they don't make pure gloss series at all. They do and even manage to fill it up with just enough substance. For us Indians, one of the biggest draws for a film is big stars in the lead. We are still hoping for a full-fledged movie with Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan in the lead. Anyway...moving on! From Goblin to Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, 7 K-dramas That Won Us Over With Their Bromances!.

In K-drama land too, such multi-starrer exists and some of the wildly famous series globally has huge stars in them. So today, let's talk about five such multi-starrer dramas which we love to watch often. You can call them our guilty pleasures!


Heirs is a bit problematic in the way the love story between Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang pans out. But this show has some of the biggest stars of the drama land in it. Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-ye, Kim Woo-bin, Kim Ji-won, Kang Ha-neul, Park Hyung-sik and many more. The story is about a rich family with a legitimate and an illegitimate child. The highlights of the show reside in certain moments and those alone are enough to make you watch it again. Our favourite would be how the brothers Kim Tan and Kim Won treat the women they fall for. It's all about choices!

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

This series here has everything, from a bad boy looking to reform after meeting the perfect girl, a love triangle, doomed romances of princes and princesses, action, heartbreaks and a gigantic cast. IU, Lee Joon-gi, Kang Ha-neul, Byun Beak-hyun, Ji-soo, Nam Joo-hyuk and many more. It's a time travel story where a woman of the 21st century is transported to Goryeo Dynasty during a total solar eclipse. Even today, fans of the show have been asking for a sequel.


This series has BTS' V in the cast...nothing gets bigger than that. Then there's Park Seo-joon, who apparently joined the Marvel gang with Captain Marvel sequel, Park Hyung-sik, Go A-ra, Choi Min-ho and many more. The series is about a Queen who forms an elite group of warriors to save her son, her successor. What these men are not aware is that one of them is the King except for the King himself. Why we watch it multiple number of times? Well, because of the men of course...too much handsomeness in one series. Apart from that, every scene with these men together is captivating! What's funny is the series has a passionate love triangle too but all you want to watch is the bonding between these men.

The Producers

Many would argue this doesn't have many stars to talk about but the main four leads are huge names in Korean drama land. Cha Tae-hyun, the male lead from Sassy Girl that India has loved and remade, Gong Hyo-jin, one of the most popular Korean actresses, Kim Soo-hyun the actor who is often found topping the list of highest paid Korean actors and Lee Ji-eun (IU), a famous K-pop idol and one of the best actresses in Korean entertainment industry right now. But nowhere do their vast stardom impact the storyline to make one go above the others. The series is about a production team who work day-in and day-out to present the shows and how their lives revolve around. It's a fantastic series which is light-hearted, emotional and gets your hearts racing pretty often.


What more should we say about this series that we haven't already? We know how special, precious and famous Gong Yoo is worldwide. Lee Dong-wook is a name which is known to everyone with kind of range this actor has. Kim Go-eun is the rising star while Yoo In-na had captured many hearts with her cute characters. Interestingly, she has gone bad in Snowdrop which makes her so much more fascinating. Do we really need to list out why we watch Goblin again and again? Didn't think so! Gong Yoo As Goblin, Kim Soo-hyun As Alien, Jun Ji-hyun As Mermaid – 5 Fantasy Characters in Popular K-Dramas We Totally Heart!.

Much credit goes to the writers as they never let the stardom of any of the cast members overshadow the others. Everyone has an equal time under the sun and make them count.

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