India's Best Dramebaaz Written Episode Update, August 18, 2018: Kajol And Riddhi Sen Promote 'Helicopter Eela', Actress Gets Some Acting Tips From The Little Ones
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of India's Best Dramebaaz starts with Shantanu Maheshwari pulling a SRK from KKHH with the famous 'ek ladkee thi deewani si' dialogue. If you still haven't taken the cue, the girl deewani ladki herself walks onstage- Kajol Devgn.

Vivek Oberoi has not yet arrived and is supposedly stuck in the Mumbai traffic. The kids bring in their grandparents as the show celebrates Grandparents today. Shubhangi and Inaayat are the first to perform with a fight between the fruits- kiwi and mango to be specific.

Omung Kumar has a drawing specially made for the kids and explains it as 'dil garden garden ho gaya'. Inayat's grandparents walk onstage, and Huma says that now she knows where the talent flows from.

Kajol gets some quick acting tips from little Inayat. Kajol who is famous for her uncontrollable fits of laughter cannot stop laughing with the little one. Now is Vivek's chance for a grand entry as he walks in with the Fanaah song for Kajol.

Riddhi Sen too joins his onscreen mother. Now Angelica and Harsh have an act inspired by Kajol and Riddhi's new movie 'Helicopter Eela'. The act is a laughter riot as it is a sight to watch Kajol roaring away.

Kajol says that this a public service to return the tiffins back to their mothers. Kajol says that even her own children face her wrath when they forget their tiffin boxes.

Kajol has a task for Angelica, and the girl does that in Anjali style. Next is a hero story, this time it is about Hima Das, presented by Zoya, Soham and Snigdha. Harsh and Dipali are next as they enact the love story of a beggar.

Omung salutes the two saying he has never experienced such comic timing. Zoya, Soham and Gravit walk in with the next act dedicated grandparents. Kajol is thoroughly impressed by Garvit. Kajol walks on stage and dances with the Dadis on 'merey khwabho mey'.