India's Best Dramebaaz Written Episode Update, July 22, 2018: Huma Qureshi is Terrorized by an Unwanted Visitor on Stage!
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of India's Best Dramebaaz starts with a small revolution and rotation as the earth-Inaya, Sun-Shubhangi and Moon-Jyot tell us a very interesting love story. The galaxy is set for the other stars to come up with their performances. Vivek Oberoi says that the act was the best the trio put up till now as it was also informative. Huma is impressed by the timing the little ones have.

Jyot gets gifted a rat, and he runs with all his life. Shantanu then sacres all the kids as he runs around with the rat in his hand. Vivek notices that Huma is already petrified and he holds her while Shantanu brings the rat to her.

Huma runs around the stage as Omung and Vivek take turns to scare her. Shantanu finally names the rat as India's Best Dramebaaz. Aneesh and Arjun are next who give a tribute to Mohammad Rafi a real-life hero.

The man who treated many homeless people who were even mentally ill and he has been doing this for the past nineteen years. Vivek says that people like this inspire them to be better people.

The man himself joins them onstage, and he tells his story which touches all hearts. Next is Garvit, Zoya and Angelica are next, and they nail the performance which is a laughter riot.

Shantanu becomes the lawyer soon after and Garvit is taken into custody for his mischief. The kids one and all have complaints against Garvit. Garvit threatens everyone as one by one they complain.

Garvit gets violent and runs off the stage as Shantanu follows. Next is Deepali, Sreesha and Soham who come up with a mythical act. Shreesha's father has a task for Omung and Vivek.

They start eating bananas with Shreesha. Omung wins the race with maximum bananas. Arnav and Snigdha are next who come up with a fun act stating the sorrows of a housewife.

Samrudhi, Harsh and Chitrali are the next to perform. Now comes the part which nobody likes. It is time for the first elimination, Samrudhi and Arnav leave the show today.