India's Best Dramebaaz Written Episode Update, September 8, 2018: Vivek Oberoi Has a Surprise Box For The Little Ones!
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of India's Best Dramebaaz starts with Vivek Oberoi introducing the kids to a surprise magic box. They say that the box contains a certificate for the best performer for the week.

The certificate will give the kid direct entry to the Finale. The first to perform are Snigdha and Aneesh who have a fun take on a shopaholic wife. Vivek talks about when his wife fought with him when he asked her about a shopping spree.

Huma tells Aneesh that she sees him in the top finalists. Shantanu plays the chun sahiba chun game. He asks Inayat's mother to chose between her husband and shopping bags.(Also Read: The Kids Perform With Talented Artists as The Challenges Become Tougher)

She chooses shopping bags. Vivek has a game for the parents. He asks the husbands to make rotis while the wives stand infront of them. Snigdha's father lives up to his fame and makes the perfect rotis.

The next are Angelica, Shreesha and Dipali. They have a mythological story to tell. Dipali's mother gets emotional as she speaks about her child. Omung is so impressed by the little one that he walks up to hug her.

The next to perform are Garvit, Jyot and Inayat. Jyot is troubled once again by Padma . Jyot gets all confused as he is accused of pooping on stage.