Ishqbaaz January 10, 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Despite Aditi Creating Trouble for Shivaansh, His Sister Gets Engaged
Image credit: Star Plus

Today’s episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Shivani telling everyone that she should leave as Angad and his family members will not come now but suddenly sees SSO (Nakul Mehta) playing drums and coming her way. SSO tells Shivani that see who has come, seeing Angad coming Shivani is happy and thanks SSO. Shivaansh tells Shivani to thank Aditi as she is the person who bought Angad and his family here. The reporters start clicking photos and asking SSO as how is Aditi (Manjiri Pupala) in this party and why is he thanking her. SSO tells them that all their questions answer Aditi will herself give. Aditi tells them that she has not leaked the news. The reporters ask her how they can believe her as she is herself suspended for giving bribe. SSO tells Aditi that whether all believe her or not he believes her. SSO tells my case and Aditi’s case is same as he was also framed like her and that says they don’t know who has played this game with them. SSO tells the reporters that as he is the police ambassador, he believes in them and has full faith on them and especially he believes ACP Aditi and shakes hand with her and tells that they are friends. SSO tells the reporters to enjoy the party.

SSO tells Aditi that she tried to spoil his name and now see what he has done to her. SSO tells Aditi that he has told every media house not to telecast this news and they have asked an apology to him. SSO tells now if Aditi shouts and tell also no one will believe her as she is a corrupt police officer in everyone’s eye. SSO also reveals that he had convinced the Ahuja’s before she had gone to them and narrates what he did. Aditi tells then why did he send her there, SSO replies that he just wanted her to feel the pain a brother goes to when his sister’s engagement is broken. To break anything is so easy but to join is so difficult. Just because of her his sister got hurt and he won’t forget this whole life and gives her a pen drive and tells this is the proof of her innocence.

SSO then tells PN and PD to dance(Chand ki uthar li hai dhunu balaiya taliya track is being played in the background) Aditi takes that pen drive home and checks if it has the proof, but finds that SSO just fooled her.

In the function, some relatives see Radhika and feel that God has not been fair to her and try to talk to her but SSO stops them and tells them to enjoy the party and that Radhika is fine and they should leave her alone. SSO then sees Radhika and hugs her and thinks that he will save her from any problem. SSO enquires when is Varun coming, Radhika tells him that just now he had called and said that after two days he will come. Shivani comes and gets jealous, as SSO and Radhika are having a good time without her. PN comes and tells let’s start the engagement function.

SSO puts Dupatta on Shivani, Angad and Shivani exchange rings with each other and takes blessings from the elders. ( Banu re banu chali sasural dua mein track is played in the background). Suddenly the lights go and all start their mobile lights on. SSO tells Khanna to come with him to check the circuit, they see some water is fallen down. PN sees someone going upstairs and wonders who is it. The lights come PN follows the lady but Dhruv comes and takes her down. The commissioner comes and asks everything is fine and SSO tells that some short circuit had happened and goes down. The commissioner sees water and thinks who has put water just below the meter box.

In the precap, Aditi tells the Commissioner that all this SSO is doing.