Naagin 3 11th August 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela Decides to Test Mahir's Love For Her
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Naagin 3 starts with the doctor increasing the vibrations of the machines so as to make Bela return to her original form. Arvind enters the house in the form of a servant and drops a load of plates on Anu's head making her scream.

The doctor runs to her at the sound and leaves Bela alone. Bela takes the opportunity to switch the machines off. Anu's head bleeds, and the family attends to her.

Bela sees that her time for completing her first task is ending and so she starts searching for Mahir. Mahir sits thinking about Bela and their moments together.

Mahir remembers how Bela had claimed to trust him above Yuvi and also now that she is pregnant. Mahir feels furious at Yuvi for doing this to Bela and thinks that he needs to come back and accept Bela with the child.

Mahir goes to Bela's room as Mahir seems very disturbed. Ramona/ Vish wants to call Bela, but Ajithab will not let her go. Ajithab asks Ramona to call Yuvi, and she is forced to call.

Somebody picks up the call, and they find out that a trekker has found Yuvi's phone. Vish remembers leaving Yuvi's body in the cave nearby. Ajithab decides to go and check there. Bela tries to speak to Mahir, but he goes to his childhood memories.

Mahir brings out his comic books and toys and says that he loved playing with those so much. Mahir says that he tried to forget whatever wrong was happening between his parents. Mahir says that he wishes he had the superpowers to bring Yuvi back.

Bela says that if Yuvi had to come back, he would have. Mahir promises ot take the child's responsibilities even if Yuvi does not return. Bela tries to explain that she is not pregnant, but Mahir will not listen and says that she does not have to worry when he is there.

Bela asks for food and Mahir goes on to get it. Bela thinks that she has to think just about the nagmani right now. Bela asks Mahir to eat the food and tell her if it is spicy.

As Mahir so much as tastes it, she snatches it away and eats it herself. She suddenly gets a vision. The nagpandit thinks that Bela needs to find the way to the nagmani for the sake of the entire nag clan. Bela thinks that she can see the nagmani yet does not find where it is.

Bela thinks that at least the first job is done. Bela walks out soon as Mahir sits worrying over her. Ajithab and Ramona reach the cave as Vish remembers leaving the body there.

They get inside and searching for the body. Arvind is already there, and he has hidden the body. Ajithab spots the shadow of Arvind and starts looking around. Ajithab stumbles on something and falls, and soon the cave begins shaking.

A body falls from the ceiling and Ajithab spots it. Sumitra is preparing for a grand celebration and also the room for the child. Poulomi walks in too and starts pestering Sumitra.

Mahir is worried about Bela's behaviour, and Sumitra says that she is just having hormonal changes. Bela walks out and finds the nagpandit. The nagpandit hands her the second job which is to find a birthmark on Mahir's body which is considered to be auspicious.

Bela though is asked not to touch him while doing this. Bela walks into Sumitra's room. She makes an excuse about reading baby books and found an information about a birthmark on Mahir's body.

Sumitra teases her a bit but then tells her that there is indeed a birthmark on Mahir's back. Ajithab says that the body has gone for autopsy and they know that whoever it has died of snake bite.

Vish is furious at Anu for creating these problems. Bela returns to her room and finds that Mahir has decorated the place for her care during her pregnancy. Bela purposely drops juice on Mahir's shirt and forces him to remove his shirt.

She later spots the birthmark as she wipes the juice off him. She gets another vision of a house. Nagpandit prepares for the third job for Bela, and he is able to see a person holding the nagmani, and he understands that the person is indeed a very powerful woman.

Nagpandit comes into the room, and Bela distracts Mahir and sends him away. Nagpandit says that Mahir now needs to prove that he indeed loves Bela. Bela worries that she is all too poisonous for Mahir right now, but pandit says that if he does in the process, then they should not bother.

Vish has brought information about Bela, and Ajithab wants to track Bela's roots. Vish tells him that Bela was brought up in Haridwar. Ajithab says that there is no such ashram in Haridwar, so Bela's roots are all a lie. Vish gets worried about this now.

Bela is now greatly disturbed about killing Mahir and decides she needs to think about the nagmani and find it. Bela is walking down when Sumitra and Anu are walking in. Sumitra introduces a vaidya Pavitra to Bela and says that the woman can check her pulse and tell her about the pregnancy. Bela worries that if the vaidya touches her, she will die.