Rohit Purohit and Sheena Bajaj’s Wedding Invites Made of Roses and Brownies Are a Treat for the Senses!
Rohit Purohit and Sheena Bajaj (Photo Credits: Instagram)

After lots and lots of ups and downs, actors Rohit Purohit and Sheena Bajaj are all set to tie the knot. The couple met and fell in love on the sets of Arjun in the year 2012 and have been together ever since. However, like every relationship, the pair’s also hit a rather rough patch where they took some time apart, but got back together soon enough. Only a few days back Rohit and Sheena announced that they will tie the knot on January 22 in Rohit’s hometown in Jaipur. In fact, all of the pair’s pre-wedding rituals too will take place in the Pink City itself. And keeping in trend with the very recent Deep-Veer and NickYanka weddings, Rohit and Sheena too will have two weddings, a Punjabi one as per Sheena’s cast and a Marwari ceremony as per Rohit’s.

And while the countdown has begun, the pair shared a glimpse of their wedding card online and it looks splendid. Designed by Pakistani wedding card designer and illustrator Aamir Ali, who seemed equally honoured to have designed a card for an ‘Indian TV Actress’.

See Rohit and Sheena’s wedding card below.

Not only that, Rohit and Sheena have done a very elaborate packaging job with their wedding cards as well. Each package contains a placard that reads ‘Sheena Weds Rohit’ which has been decorated with a setting of roses and some cookies and brownies to go with the invite. The sweets have been sourced from Mumbai Based Fresh Baskets.

Now this already looks like a wedding fit for the royals. And we eagerly await some more glimpses of the couple prepping for the big day.

In an earlier interview, Sheena confessed, “I get really affected when Rohit and I fight, which results in unpleasant rumours. The only thing I have always been sure of is that I want to be with Rohit at any cost. He made the decision of getting married early and here we are.”

The couple has not yet decided on their honeymoon destination. Said Rohit, “As a couple, we don’t plan anything. We will decide where to go on a honeymoon after the wedding.”

Recalling her proposal for Rohit, Sheena revealed, “I proposed to Rohit, as he is not the kind to confess his feelings. I went with flowers, chocolates and a cake and told him that I want to see him every day of my life. He simply replied ‘okay’, which I took as a Yes.”