Bulandshahr Violence: Who Put Cattle Carcasses at the Spot As There Is No Minority Population in the Area, Questions Azam Khan
Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan. (Photo Credit: ANI | Twitter)

Rampur, December 4: Samajwadi Party leader and former Uttar Pradesh cabinet minister Azam Khan on Tuesday questioned the circumstances leading to murder of UP Inspector Subodh Kumar and asserted that if the carcasses found were indeed of cattle, police must probe as to how the animal remains were brought at the said spot. Khan said, "In Bulandshahr two people have been killed. If Special Investigation Team is investigating the case they must also investigate as to who brought the carcass there as there is no minority population in that particular area. In the whole crowd, there was no such person as well."

He also asserted that the situation could have been much worse and said, "In the city, there were people returning from a religious congregation and this incident could have taken a bad shape." Khan also cast aspirations over the investigation-led by the SIT and said, "SIT should probe all different aspects of the case. However, we can't say much about SIT. How can we say that SIT probe will be free of any bias when CBI itself is not being called impartial? The police controlled the situation in a good way after the situation. I hope it would remain under control in future as well," he said. Bulandshahr Violence: Slain Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh’s Son Abhishek Says Father Taught Him to Be ‘Secular’.

In Bulandshahr violence that broke out yesterday, a sub-inspector Subodh Kumar Singh lost his life. The deceased cop was also the Investigating officer (IO) in the Akhlaq lynching case. As per the police, clashes began after locals found cattle carcasses in the nearby area. During the violence that ensued in the region, a local youth, identified as Sumit, was also shot. He later on succumbed to his injuries.