The search engine giant, Google has recently released its customary year in search. From news events, to famous personalities, sports events and more are released by Google, revealing what the people in India searched the most. Google year in search 2020 was more important because of the coronavirus pandemic that has dominated searches the most. The related terms and information to COVID-19 were on all the sections. With schools cancelling its classes and holding it through online video platforms, searches among students and parents differed too. ‘How to become a teacher?,’ ‘coding for kids,’ ‘zoom classes’ and more, in this article, we bring you the most-searched terms among students and parents in India amid the pandemic.

In the education sphere, the top searchers were coding and learning how to become a teacher. Coding for kids has been in the trends for quite a long this year. The searchers increased after the release of the National Education Policy, where special mention of coding has been given. Again, WhiteHatJr also created quite a buzz around teachings coding to kids. “How to learn coding was the top trending thing people searched to learn. Python was the top searched programming language,” Google revealed.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were shut. Students were attending online classes, which again revolutionised the most-searched terms. The role of teachers was involved, and so was the role of parents. Parents became teachers and “How to be a teacher?” top the searches. Google revealed that it was more than ever in 2020. In addition, other relevant top trends remain ‘Google Classroom’ and ‘Unemployment.’ Zoom was also among the top searchers, as the video conferencing service was a hit among Indian students. The search engine giant revealed that Zoom has risen from 10 million daily meetings in December 2019 to 300 million people in April, 2020 across the globe.

The searchers and terms have surely changed and mostly was related to the pandemic. Last year, how to check NEET result was one of the top searches, but this year, it was everything related to the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on the education system and the latest policies been introduced by the Indian government.

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