Search giant, Google has finally released the list of most-searched terms titled, ‘See What Was Trending in 2020,’ revealing the list of questions and more that people searching during this pandemic-filled year. There were different sections, which includes, ‘Overall’ searches, ‘Near Me,’ ‘How to?’ ‘Movies,’ ‘News Events’ and more. For ‘How To…’ Google released the top ten queries that netizens searched in India this year. Not only ‘How to Make Paneer?’ or ‘Dalgona Coffee,’ ‘How to link PAN card with Aadhaar card?’ was also one of the top-most searched queries among the nationals. Since we are in the pandemic, queries like ‘How to make sanitizer at home?’ was also list among the top ten most-searched terms. In this article, we will check out the list of most-search queries on Google, starting with ‘How to…’

Every year, Google releases the list of most-searched terms and queries that were newsworthy and hooked netizens online. As people sought answers about the deadly pandemic, they also looked for several ways to keep them entertained and informed, while at home. Because of the lockdown at the start of the year and temporary closing of many businesses for safety purposes, people took matters to their own hands. For instance, ‘How to make paneer?’ topped the list, while ‘how to increase immunity?’ was listed second considering the ongoing situation. Viral food trends made it to the list too such as ‘how to make dalgona coffee?’ In addition, ‘how to link PAN card with Aadhaar card,’ and ‘how to apply e-pass,’ were the most-searched queries in India.

Google Year in Search 2020: How to..

Here Are the Top Queries for ‘How To’ on Google Year in Search 2020

1. How to make paneer?

2. How to increase immunity?

3. How to make dalgona coffee?

4. How to link PAN card with aadhaar card?

5. How to make sanitizer at home?

6. How to recharge fastag?

7. How to prevent coronavirus?

8. How to apply e-pass?

9. How to make jalebi?

10. How to make cake at home?

Google has become an indispensable part of our lives, and its value was realised more during the pandemic. We have searched all sort of queries, to increase our awareness of the ongoing event. Google’s ‘How to’ search trend result shows that food recipes at home, sanitizer, applying for e-pass for movement permission and more dominated the mindscape of the users when they opened Google on their devices to get answers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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