YouTube Star Shane Dawson Apologises for Joking about Having Sex with His Cat
Shane Dawson (Photo Credits: Screenshot from YouTube)

Shane Dawson has had quite an uncertain journey as a YouTube star. His fandom has supported him through times including his coming out of the closet. But a skeleton in his closet has made a dreaded exit to the internet. Shane had to post a thread of apology on Twitter, after a joke he made in 2015 resurfaced and fans took major offence. Back in the day, Shane had talked about sexually assaulting his cat on his podcast. The comment somehow flew under the radar then. Today, as someone found the podcast and uploaded the audio clipping on Twitter, the YouTube star had to take responsibility for being immature. YouTube Rewind 2018: Recap Video of Entire Year May Become The Most Disliked Video Ever?

The 30-year-old YouTube star, Shane, has over 21 million subscribers. He won the People's Choice Awards in 2018 for favourite social media star. In his apology, which was much needed, he Tweeted, "i didnt fuck my cat. i didnt cum on my cat. i didnt put my dick anywhere near my cat. Ive never done anything weird with my cats. (sic)"

"I've apologized many times for all the dumb s--- I've said in videos and podcasts over the years," he wrote on Twitter. "It's embarrassing and I f---ing hate myself for it."

In the recording, that started the whole controversy, Shane said, "I laid my cat down on her back. I didn’t penetrate. I laid the cat down on her back and I moved her little chicken legs, you know, spread apart. If I just hump, like, on her tummy, that’s not weird so I humped and I humped and I kept going and I came all over the cat. It was, like, my first sexual experience. I was also, like, 19.”

Shane Dawson has been trending on Twitter for the past many hours now.

The digital medium has far less censorship and accountability than any other media. The number of incidents where a social media star behaved inappropriately is increasing by the day. Logan Paul had ruffled feathers when he vloggers from the suicide forest. The social media outrage made him apologise and now he is back with a self-styled documentary about Flat Earth theory. If people can stop obsessing over Logan Paul and Shane Dawson, that would be great.