Lesbian Couple Commits Suicide With 3-Year-Old Child, Jumps Into Sabarmati River, Gujarat
Suicide | Image Used for Representational Image Only | (Photo Credits: ANI)

Ahmedabad, June 12: A lesbian couple, who were married to their respective male partners, allegedly committed suicide after throwing a three-year-old child of one of them in the Sabarmati river. According to an Indian Express report, the women even scribbled a suicide note along the river front's concrete walkway, from where they jumped.

As quoted in the suicide note, it is mentioned that they had "distanced themselves from the world so they could unite, but the world did not let them live." The women decided to end their lives post complications from their lesbian relationship.

The woman worked in the same private company, and on the day of the incident, they first threw the child into the river, then jumped along with the other woman, by tying themselves with a dupatta. The little child was alive, and breathing when she was brought out from the river, however, was declared dead when she was brought to the hospital. Community members took strong objection when they came to know about their alleged relationship. Therefore, they had decided to run away but ended up committing suicide.