Ahmedabad, March 15: A woman in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad was beaten and abandoned by her husband for not being ‘slim and fair’. Reports inform that the 23-year-old woman from the Ghatlodia area of the city lodged a complaint with police alleging that her husband thrashed and abandoned her and kept taunting that she was fat, dark and ugly. According to a report by TOI, the woman in her FIR with Ghatlodia police stated that her in-laws too harassed her for her appearance since the time she was married. The report adds that the woman got married to a man based on Grant Road in Mumbai in February 2008. Gujarat Shocker: Family of 5 Die by Suicide in Dohad Reportedly Due to Financial Stress.

In her complaint, the woman said that after around a month after their marriage, her husband and in-laws began harassed her for dowry and also asked her parents continuously for it as they were unable to give them money. She stated that her in-laws and husband began thrashing the woman over petty issues. She said her husband taunted that she was dark, fat and ugly and compared to his girlfriend who was pretty, slim and fair. He also complained and harassed her for not making good food.

In her FIR, she informed that whenever she protested against his actions, he thrashed her brutally, adding that his family members provoked him to do so. Describing her ordeal, the woman said that her husband and his family considered her as bad omen saying that she does not have any brother. They also believed that she would not be able to give birth to a baby boy and pressurised her to give birth to a boy. Her in-laws also threatened her with severe consequences if she gave birth to a girl child.

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