Reiki Master, and Certified Professional Hypnotist, Mariia Tsegelnyk, finds strength in her “interesting” accent and turns into a unique selling point to attract clients and heal the world.

Most service-based entrepreneurs would have cringed and faltered considering the kind of banters Mariia Tsegelnyk received due to her accent. However, it seemed to spur her to greatness and after successfully battling the rejection received from energy healing school that refused to allow Mariia to teach and become a member of their teaching team due to her accent, thanks to her excellent service delivery, the Reiki Master and certified professional hypnotist became the toast of clients and students across the globe.

“I was actually turned down by one of the spiritual schools when I applied for a Teacher’s Training because of my accent,” Mariia Tsegelnyk. “I’ve been told that I am such an incredible Spiritual Healer, and this is where I should stay, since they don’t think teaching is for me because of my accent,” Mariia continued.

Mariia did not let the rejection get to her and she seemingly used it as a motivation for success, waxing stronger to become the best possible spiritual healer and teacher. It was her choice not to let other people’s opinion define her path and her pursuit of her soul’s calling. While it was not particularly easy, Mariia continued to teach people and it did not take long for her perseverance to yield results.

Students could not stop raving about her classes and how effective they were. Consequently, the referrals kept coming, as her students invited their friends and families, leading a rapid growth of her classes.

“And this might sound crazy, but now I actually have clients that say to me that they chose me over other hypnotherapists BECAUSE of my accent! That they love my voice. This is the power of our unconscious mind. As we reprogram our unconscious and choose to believe in ourselves the outer reality and people we attract, reflect it back to us,” said Mariia Tsegelnyk. “Now I believe that my accent is actually my superpower! It is all about what you choose to believe about yourself and your ability to turn any obstacle or disadvantage into your superpower!” she continued.

From a rejected immigrant to a world-renowned Master Energy Healer and teacher, Mariia Tsegelnyk has demonstrated the power of self-belief and how far it can take an individual. She continues to spread the light across the world, helping people and bringing healing to as many people as she can reach.