IAF Intercepts Georgian Plane Coming From Pakistan: AN-12 Aircraft Did Not Follow Authorized Air Traffic Services Route, Says Govt
Sukhoi 30-MKI (Photo Credits: Twitter/@IAF_MCC/File)

New Delhi, May 10: Hours after the Indian Air Force (IAF) on Friday forced a plane - AN-12 aircraft of Georgia - coming from Pakistan to land at Jaipur airport reportedly after it deviated from its scheduled flight path, the Union government came with an official reply stating the aircraft did not follow the authorised Air Traffic Services (ATS) route. Adding on the Union government also pointed out that the aircraft was not responding to Radio calls from Indian controlling agencies.

Releasing a press statement, the government stated, "An unknown aircraft entered Indian Air Space in North Gujarat Sector at 1515 hrs with its IFF (Identification, Friend or Foe) ‘on’." Adding more, it stated, "The aircraft did not follow the authorized Air Traffic Services (ATS) route and was not responding to Radio calls from Indian controlling agencies." IAF Fighter Jets Force Cargo Plane Coming From Pakistan to Land at Jaipur Airport, Watch Video. 

The Union government explained that after the Balakot incident ATS routes in the area were closed due to the current geopolitical situation, and the aircraft entered Indian Air Space from an unscheduled point. It added that the Air Defence interceptor on operational readiness was scrambled and vectored towards the unknown aircraft for investigation.

Stating that the aircraft neither responded on international distress frequency nor to visual signals during interception, the Indian Air Force challenged it and forced it to land at Jaipur for necessary investigation. It is to be known that the aircraft was airborne from Tbilisi (Georgia) for Delhi via Karachi.

Earlier AN-12 entered the Indian air space around 70 kms north of an important air base in the Rann of Kutch from the air space, which is closed for civilian air traffic. soon as the air force bases detected the aircraft on their radars, they activated two air defence fighters SU-30MKI there.