New Delhi, June 30: Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his address to the nation. In a tweet, Rahul Gandhi said that PM is diverting from the issue and should talk about how the convoy was looted in a poetic style. The post was in an apparent reference to the India-China standoff in Ladakh. Rahul Gandhi Slams PM Narendra Modi, Asks 'When and How Will You Evict Chinese Troops from Ladakh?' (Watch Video).

"तू इधर उधर की न बात कर, ये बता कि क़ाफ़िला कैसे लुटा, मुझे रहज़नों से गिला तो है, पर तेरी रहबरी का सवाल है।," Rahul Gandhi tweeted, which roughly translates to "Don't talk about other things, tell us why the caravan was looted. We have no complaint with the passersby, it is a question of your leadership." Rahul Gandhi Asks PM Narendra Modi When Chinese Troops Will Leave Indian Soil.

Rahul Gandhi Tweet:

Notably, the same couplet was used by former Union Minister and BJP leader Sushma Swaraj in 2011 in Parliament.

Sushma Swaraj in Parliament:

Earlier today, the Congress leader had asked PM Modi to tell the nation when he proposes to drive Chinse troops out of Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

“The whole country knows that China has snatched India’s land. We all know the Chinese are at four places in Ladakh. Please tell the country how you will evict the Chinese troops and when?” he asked in a video ahead of PM Modi's speech.

Rahul Gandhi Tweet:

The grand old party has been targeting BJP government over its stand on the position of Chinese forces in Ladakh. Meanwhile, on Monday, the government banned 59 Chinese mobile application saying that they were prejudiced to India’s sovereignty, security, defence and public order.

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