If you are a fragrance enthusiast, you’ve probably heard the name before, Morreale, the uber luxurious perfume company based out of Paris France has been making a lot of headlines over the past two years since introducing the most expensive perfume in the world (US $1.5M) in Los Angeles last January at one of the most secret and exclusive event of the year, the Mansion of Earthly Delights in Beverly Hills.

The French fragrance label is not only renowned for its high quality handcrafted perfumes made in Europe and for selling the most expensive perfume in the world but also for its dreamy and scenic universe that has been introduced each year through mesmerizing pieces of « cinema a la française » that are unfolding the story of the enigmatic french fragrance company.

We wanted to know more about the roots of the label and started by ordering a perfume discovery kit on the website of the company, and after receiving it and falling in love with all the different scents, we engaged into some deeper research on the french perfumer and, to our greatest surprise, were only able to collect a very little amount of informations.

It’s seems that the mysterious creator wishes to stay away from the spotlights as we were only able to find a single interview online where he quotes himself as a French, Italian and Belgian humanitarian while declining a picture he commented « Morreale is invisible... you can only smell it »

While the man himself stays invisible, we can oddly smell his work in the streets of Beverly Hills or in the Hollywood Hills as it is the word on the street that some of the luxurious creations of the label are only available to chosen A-listers. This makes us wonder about the potential resale value of such pieces but for now we’ll just enjoy our $64 discovery kit until we can afford the the rare bottles!

While we couldn’t find much about the founder of the company, it feels like this is the desired effect, which is definitely feeding our curiosity even more. But as the company announced last year a follow-up to their first worldwide campaign, something tells us that we’ll hear from them soon and we are keeping them on our watchlist as Morreale is undoubtedly one of the new and upcoming beauty challenger of the last year. Take a look for yourself at https://shop.morrealeparis.com/