Twitter Slug-fest: Congress Counters Arun Jaitley's Blog With 'Minister Without Portfolio' Jibe And Potshots on PM Narendra Modi
Randeep Surjewala, Arun Jaitley (Image Credits: PTI, Facebook)

New Delhi, June 14: The Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are indulged in a political slug-fest on Twitter after BJP leader Arun Jaitley slammed the Opposition party in a Facebook post on Wednesday. Hours after Jaitley's blog calling the Congress "ideology-less", party spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala posted a counter on Twitter with a four-page statement from the party.

"Shri Arun Jaitley’s wasteful blogs are a clear case of finding lost political relevance by churning unadulterated lies! Has BJP & Shri Jailtey become ‘Agenda-Less’, ‘Achievement-Less’ & ‘Argument-Less’," Surjewala questioned.

In the four-page statement countering Jaitley's blog, Congress said, "Myopic memory, selective amnesia and weaving lies have become the characteristics of Arun Jaitley." The statement describes Jaitley's blog as "hollow rhetoric, unadulterated falsehood and plain distortion of facts".

Statement Issued by Congress on Jaitley's blog

The statement concludes by taking a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's fitness challenge video. It says that instead of focusing on issues like national security, job creation and MSP to farmers, while Modi is posting "odd videos", Jaitley is writing "hollow blogs".

Soon after, Jaitley responded to Surjewala's tweet saying, "This is a political discourse. Abuse is not the answer. Please respond to the facts," to which the Congress leader responded, "When you abuse & berate the Congress leadership, even Supreme Court & many others by distorting facts,it is 'political discourse' for you, but when you are shown the 'mirror of truth' with hard facts,you get ‘unnerved’ & call it ‘abuse’? Politics of Convenience?"

Arun Jaitley on Wednesday lambasted the Congress party and its leaders on his Facebook post and said that the party has become ideology-less. Jaitley said it (Congress) is obsessed with anti-Modism and in dynastic parties, wisdom is not heritable as it has to be acquired through learning.

In his post, Jaitley asked why there was sudden love in the Congress for the Other Backward Classes when it has always been anti-OBC. Taking a jibe at the Congress, Jaitley said, "Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi made strong speech in Parliament against the Mandal Commission. Recently, the Congress Party opposed the grant of constitutional status to the National Commission for Backward Classes. They voted against the constitutional amendment in Parliament. It opportunistically supported reservation for the non-backwards".