Arun Jaitley Slams Congress in Facebook Post, Says it Has Become 'Ideology-less, Obsessed With Anti-Modism'
Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley addressing Press Conference (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, June 13:  Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Wednesday lambasted the Congress party and its leaders on his Facebook post and said that the party has become ideology-less. Jaitley said it (Congress) is obsessed with anti-Modism and in dynastic parties, wisdom is not heritable as it has to be acquired through learning.

In his post, Jaitley asked why was there sudden love in the Congress for the Other Backward Classes when it has always been anti-OBC. Taking a jibe at the Congress, Jaitley said, "Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi made strong speech in Parliament against the Mandal Commission. Recently, the Congress Party opposed the grant of constitutional status to the National Commission for Backward Classes. They voted against the constitutional amendment in Parliament. It opportunistically supported reservation for the non-backwards".

Taking a dig at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Jaitley said he (Rahul) spoke on the entrepreneurial skills of Shikanjiwalas, dhabawalas and mechanics and what he factually stated was incorrect, the larger point is that he saw virtues in these professions which can act as a launch pad for many start-ups.

Hitting hard on Rahul, Jaitley said, "The great-grandson of the man who authored “The Discovery of India” could with his customary inaccuracies one day give to this country his monumental work on “The Rediscovery of Coca-Cola”.

Talking about the Mudra Scheme, Jaitley said it is under Prime Minister Modi which realised the importance of millions of such self-employment opportunities for which in the year 2015 Mudra Yojana was launched.  "Most of the beneficiaries took small loans, were prompt in their repayment, set up small enterprises and gave themselves, and perhaps one or two people more, an employment. The UPA never did so", he stated in his blog post.

Jaitley took a jibe at Congress leader and Former Finance Minister of India P. Chidambaram over his statement that 'frying pakodas is not job creation', and said, he (Chidambaram) was being cleverer than rest of his colleagues and was perhaps trying to neutralise the success story of the Mudra Yojana. "12.90 crore loans have been given for self-employment to various weaker sections. The total of these loans has touched Rs.6 lakh crores. This obviously has led to millions of hands generating new work for themselves and those that they employ", the post added.