It has become certain to everyone that innovation is the key to a better tomorrow. Every production sector is welcoming development in all forms, and we can conclude that one of the leading alterations is Fintech- a fusion between technology and the financial sector which has given a new outlook to business and banking. Today more and more people are engaging in digital payments, card issuing and digital banking options allowing a swift transition in the banking market. Chase Harmer says that rampant growth in Fintech has raised revenue concerns for the traditional banking systems. Given the circumstances, a great number of these institutions are accepting the collaboration between banking and fintech technology like ProfitPay Technologies. 

Chase Harmer is one of the leading entrepreneurs and founder and CEO of ProfitPay. The company began its operation in the year 2014 and has become a fintech giant as an internationally acclaimed payment processing company and credit card issuer connecting business and banking without borders. With recent modification in its operation, ProfitPay has now opened new services for its clients which include digital banking, card issuing, invoicing, cards-on-file, digital and pre-authorizations of payments along with previous services such as card issuing, payments, fraud protection, instant payment disbursement and spend analysis to garner more profits and allow frictionless experience. 

Chase Harmer realized the need for a faster and efficient platform for financial purposes. Even though this was appealing due to its latest emergence, he lacked the necessary experience and financial resources. But instead of approaching institutions that provide venture capital, he decided to use bootstrapping to gather the desired capital amount. With over $25 Million in capital raised, he launched his start-up in 2014 and turned into a $300 Million dollar valuation, which quickly looks to be headed toward 1 Billion. 

Chase is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the Fintech industry. His resourcefulness helped him establish a company worth investing in. Along with that, he has always maintained a good customer network, which helped him build a strong community. ProfitPay Technologies also engages in other services such as card issuing as they hold 3 patents prospective to payments source, digital banking and cryptocurrency. They also strategize to help increase ROI with digital merchants in virtual marketplaces and platforms. 

When asked about a challenge he overcame in his professional life, he says that being a founder is not an easy job and not for the faint of heart. Even though the title looks glamorous, there is a ton of responsibility that is intangible. He has experienced numerous occasions when he had to make crucial business decisions and had to alter the pivot of his operation entirely just to keep afloat and make it long term.