Every cloud has a silver lining! Anique Hashmani fits this phrase better than anyone when it comes to Programming. With many ups and a few downs leading him up again, this youth icon has become an epitome of programming. As aspirational one can be, he has become a caveat for many budding programmers.

Working on multiple platforms Anique has gained an unique identity for being unique in whatever he does. Be it investments in alternative currencies or developing programs for the same, Anique has managed to be versatile to launch programs on different and multiple platforms together.

Since 2015 where his programming journey changed to programming for integrated architecture programs, he was altogether in a different league.

Making millions for self working on projects based on python webe and Solidity, Anique started consulting his friends and relatives to invest in various alternative currencies. He again made millions thru his scanner program which helps to predict the new contracts to be launched on integrated architecture platforms for financial applications.

In 2020, Anique started Bitasia with funding from an undisclosed VC firm.“Knowing a lot about technology or about business always helps, but what an architect actually does is to understand and communicate”, says Anique.

Who else can understand this better than Anique who has minted money with what he does the Best Programming.