Chad Meihuizen is a South African fashion model and influencer. Although don’t use the word “influencer” around Chad… “although I have influence, I hate the label ‘influencer’”

Born in Cape Town, South Africa to parents, Olivette and Ivan Meihuizen. 

Chad went to St George’s school on a baseball scholarship… his dream was to play for the New York Yankees. Life had a different plan for the young South African. 

Chad won a modeling competition at age 16yr and at age 18yr moved to Miami to pursue a career in modeling. 

Modeling hasn’t been Chad’s only focus… when he lost his father to Alzheimer’s 10yrs ago, he created a charity in his father’s name… The Alzheimer’s Memorial Challenge.

Chad now lives between Cape Town and Tulum where he spends most of his free time studying Spanish and learning how to dance… “My father was a great dancer, so I have to have a bit of that in me. Deep, deep down in me”. 

Following his passion, Chad Meihuizen is a notable name in the fashion industry. The charming personality has worked with some huge brands like Armani, Guess, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Puma, etc. 

At the age of 44yr, Chad is only getting better and there’s no end in sight to his already illustrious career.