Eleonora Bernandi Zizola has been in the sports industry for a long time. When she was around 9 and was allowed to leave the house to play outside, she would usually go to the local park. There, she came to know that a lot of her friends would meet up for basketball practice. For 9-year-old Eleonora, this was just another opportunity to get out of the house and she had no idea that one day her entire life would revolve around it. 

When Eleonora told her parents that she wanted a pursue a career as a pro-basketballer, they were quite sad at first as it meant their daughter would have to move away from them to a proper coaching agency, but in the end, they relented. Eleonora says that that period of her life was very crucial in forming the woman she is today. It taught her about being independent and living life on your own terms. 

Presently, Eleonora is wearing many feathers in her cap. Not only is she a national level basketball player, but Eleonora has also been, very successfully, running her blog, which you can find at https://www.womanpower.it/ The blog is a place for Eleonora to express her concerns about the fashion industry in the world of athletics. Being a tall girl, Eleonora has always had difficulties finding activewear that would fit her without compromising her sense of style. However, once she had reached a standing of her own, she decided that this issue cannot carry on any longer. Eleonora thus began documenting her journey as well as offering styling tips, so that others in the sports industry would have someone to look up to, rather than having to figure everything out for themselves. 

Eleonora’s past body issues also makes her all the more conscious about different body shapes and sizes and she is a huge activist for body inclusivity and body positivity in the fashion industry. Many of the posts on her blog are centred around this thought. It is apparent, through Eleonora’s fluency and creativity in those posts, that she is not only motivated by her own experiences but is also a true follower of fashion trends and inspirations. Her styling ideas are well-curated and depict a good understanding of both the emotional as well as practical aspect of fashion and the oftentimes difficult relationship people have with it.

Eleonora also talks about her homeland Italy, in her blog. She has a lot of love for her country and wants to share the same fascination and admiration with her followers by writing about the Italian lifestyle and in particular about her city Venice. Coincidentally, here also, she has found her love for fashion represented in the Milan Fashion Week, which is considered one of the most prestigious events by the entire fashion world. Eleonora makes herself and her country proud, not only by representing Italy in the basketball tournaments but also by the radical ideas she presents in the fashion shows.