Joshua Horowitz | Alternative-protein baby food leader (TSX:BABY.V ) announced a special investors and shareholders conference to be held on October 4th and attracts street rumors from traders and analysts

Else Nutrition has broken into public awareness with a novel baby food formula offering the first non-cow, non-soy milk for toddlers. It’s a revolutionary development in a world primarily dominated by the controversial cow-milk-based formula that essentially leaves no natural choice of nutrition for millions of parents seeking alternatives.

The company has spring-boarded from nowhere to over $250 million market cap within eighteen months and rapidly became an investors’ darling on the Toronto Stock Exchange, winning multiple awards and global support from parents and pediatricians. In its recent formal announcement, Hamutal Itzhak, Else’s Co-Founder and CEO, was quoted stating that they are “… working on some exciting developments…” that they “… would like to present to shareholders in person”.

Setting aside a possible misinterpretation of the narrative, leading industry analysts theorize the announcement may be possibly relating to a company buyout by one of the global giants in the sector.

Else currently holds a distinctive edge over potential competition in the highly monopolized $80 billion baby food market. As a result, Else has been presumed, for some time now, to be an attractive acquisition target for many of the infant food enterprises or alternative protein giants.

While we found no evidence to support such a claim, it is the leading ‘buzz’ in the investment community over the past week. Social networks chatter is already filled with high excitement levels and much speculation in anticipation of the upcoming Else event, and we will probably get a second glimpse into the possible unraveling of the story as the company will announce venue coordinates later this quarter.