Rihanna Impresses Fans With Her Curvy Mannequins At The Fenty Pop-Up Store!
Fans applaud Rihanna's Fenty brand (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Rihanna is winning over fans and the internet by making such an impeccable fashion move. Well, size has always been a concern for various women. We all come in different shapes and physique so it is quite tough to squeeze ourselves in small dresses. In fact, just by seeing the mannequins on display, we are all overcome by the feeling of never fitting into fancy dresses. But Rihanna just broke all odds and came up with a curvy mannequin, thus winning over fans. Rihanna And Her Billionaire Beau Hassan Jameel To Get Engaged?

We all know that RiRi owns a fashion label of her own, Fenty. And to ensure that it caters to all the women, she actually came up with mannequins that promote all sizes and curves. In her very first Fenty collection pop-up store in New York, mannequins dressed in a neon orange bodycon dress was put on a voluptuous mannequin. Basically, with this move, Rihanna made it clear that her label promotes curves and has all-size inclusive! One of the fans took to Twitter to express how it is such an amazing move by the singer/fashion designer. “Here for this mannequin having hip dips and a little pooch,” shared a fan. Best Of Rihanna From Met Gala: Check Out Some Of Her Outlandishly Gorgeous Looks From The Red Carpet!

Another user, @candeliferia, shared, “It’s beautiful and a relief to see. Realistic models and mannequins can only benefit the stores/designers. People can see what they will literally look like in the clothes selling more clothing and lowering returns.” Women are basically thanking Rihanna for coming up with curvy mannequins to make a point and state how her ensembles are perfect for women of all size.