Brij Holi 2020 Dates and Schedule: From Barsana, Lathmar to Dhulandi, Check Complete Calendar of Holi Celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan in UP
Holi celebrations in Brij (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

As the month of March will begin, it will also start a festive season in the country, starting with the celebration of Holi. The main days of Holi, the festival of colours will be marked on March 9 and March 10. But the celebration varies in different states, and the most enthusiastic ones are in Uttar Pradesh. The religious towns of Mathura and Vrindavan particularly have celebrations that go on for weeks. In most parts of the country, Choti Holi ie the day of Holika Dahan will be on March 9. The next day will be the Badi Holi, or the celebration with colours. But in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura and Vrindavan, the entire festival is called the Braj ki Holi. Ahead of Holi 2020, we give you a complete calendar and schedule of Holi celebrations in Uttar Pradesh. Choti Holi 2020 Day and Date: When is Holika Dahan And Dhulandi? Know All About Celebrations Associated With The Festival of Colours.

The Braj Ki Holi sees vibrant celebrations that are colourful in every way. People play with not only colours but laddoos and flowers too! It is one of a kind celebration of the traditional festival throughout the country. Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh are religious towns where Lord Krishna was born and spent his growing up days. So the celebrations of Holi takes place in temples here and locals have already begun prepping up for it. Holi 2020 Interesting Facts: Things About The Indian Festival of Colours That You Didn't Know Of.

Braj Holi 2020 Dates and Complete Schedule

March 3: Laddu Holi in Barsana

March 4: Lathmaar Holi in Barsana

March 5: Lathmaar Holi in Nandgaon

March 6: Banke Bihari Holi, Rangbharani Holi in Vrindavan

March 6: Mathura Holi at Krishna Temple / Foolon ki Holi

March 7: Chadimaar Holi, Gokul

March 9: Holika Dehan, Falen/Jatwaari

March 10: Dhulandi Holi in Brij

March 10: Abeer Gulal Holi in Brij

March 11: Baldev Huranga

March 11: Charkula Dance and Cultural Programmes


Braj ki Holi is one of the enthusiastic cultural celebrations in the country which attracts tourists from around the world. Mathura and Vrindavan are decked up from a week ago. The state of Uttar Pradesh remains notable for Holi celebrations because of these cultural variations of one festival.